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dragged him there. how did hostage taker jimmy lee dykes die in the raid? how did authorities see dykes holding a weapon, a key development deciding to act immediately and what was the explosion at the time of the raid? was it tactical or did dykes plant explosives around the bunker as some neighbors feared? but for the moment at least a small town community is celebrating the boy who has been at the center of their prayers is unharmed and in good spirits. >> it's a relief for us to be able to reunite a mother with her child. >> reporter: sheriff wally olson speaking after the 5-year-old we've come to know as ethan was rescued from his six-day nightmare. >> he's a very special child. he's been through a lot. he's endured a lot and it's by the grace of god that he's okay. >> reporter: it happened monday afternoon, negotiations broke down and authorities thought that jimmy lee dykes who kidnapped ethan and held him underground for a week had a gun. they stormed the bunker. >> i heard a big boom and then i heard i believe i heard rifle shots. >> reporter: and give us a sense how loud of a
was rescued monday afternoon and is reunite with his family. the captor, jimmy lee dykes is dead but it is unclear if he was shot or shot himself. neighbors say he was a retired truck driver and described him as menacing. they say he beat a dog to death with a lead pipe and threatened to shoot children for walking on his property and patrolled his yard at night with a gun. the little boy held can't i-5 identified only ads ethan is going to turn six this week. >> let me explain something to you about this the boy. he is a very special child. he has been flu a lot. he has endured a lot. -- he has been flu a lot. it is by the grace of god that he is okay and that was the mission of every man and woman on this compound, every law enforcement officer, every first responder, all of the community who prayed to bring him home safely. >> the boy is said to be laughing, joking and playing now. officials say they decided to raid the bunker after dykes was seep on camera with a gun and they feared ethan was in danger. >>> a woman is accused of abusing a disabled man in a residential group ho
-old jimmy lee dykes is holding the boy in an underground bunker stocked with supplies. only means of communication through a narrow ventilation pipe. the boy is autistic. medication has though been delivered through the pipe and police say jimmy lee dykes grabbed him after shooting the boy's school bus driver. >>> a middle school student faces charges for a school yard shooting in atlanta. a 14-year-old was shot and wounded in the next thursday. the young gunman fired several rounds before an armedecurity guard was able to take away the weapon. police believe the two students had an altercation before the shooting. the victim was released from the hospital last night. >>> the country is remembering a national tragedy this morning. ten years since the space shuttle "columbia" disaster. bells will toll at space centers across the country at 9:16 a.m. the moment "columbia" broke apart on re-entry killing all five crew members over eastern texas during a teleconference with nasa, a group of high school science students in texas recalled what they saw and what they heard. >> i actually
. >> a weird story here. jimmy lee dykes is said to be making the child as comfortable as possible. allowing the police to send down cheez-its and a hot wheels car. meanwhile, funeral services were held yesterday for the bus driver he was accused of shooting. >>> nor on the killing of a former navy s.e.a.l. the suspect is now suicide watch. here's ryan owe whens with more. >> reporter: former navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris was such a good shot, he hit a target a mile way. the 48-year-old died at place he should have felt comfortable. this gun range south of dallas. defectives say he died at the hands of a young man he was trying to counsel. officers arrested this 25-year-old former marine, eddie ray ralph after a police chase. they say he turned the gun on kyle and a friend, murdering them both. he knew the stress of combat as well as anyone. he served four deployment, won seven med dallas of bravery and killed more than 150 people. he was the deadliest sniper in military history. >> i love the job, the guys, the camaraderie. >> reporter: on the home front, he became a best-selling author. in hi
jimmie lee dykes broke down. officials are not releasing any details on the rate but they say he was shot and killed. police and family of a boy named ethan are just glad he is safe. >> he is happy to be home. he is very excited. like a said, he is happy to be home. and he looks good. he looks good. >> ethan's six birthday is tomorrow. the investigators have many days of work still ahead of them at the crime scene. >> a push for gun control -- reveals january was the second highest month on record for gun background checks, according to the fbi. more than 2.4 million background checks will profit -- process through the national and state from a back road test -- check system and december was the number one record-setting month with 2.7 million. that was after the deadly shooting in the town bank, connecticut. >> and the risk of a national financial crisis the federal government is accusing standard and poor's of civil fraud. the government said the rating agency gave high marks to risky mortgage bonds and that helped bring on the financial crisis. it says s&p misled investors and ignore
they were concerned about the man's mental state. authorities say jimmy lee dykes was killed during the rescue. auborn university said the iconic oak trees will likely be removed by the end of april. those old trees are unlikely to survive despite their efforts to save them. >> immigration takes center stage in washington today. the house judiciary committee will hold a hearing in which lawmakers will look into potential ways to reform the immigration system. more from washington and a live report in about the minutes -- 15 minutes. >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> we have some closures later this morning for the ravens parade. the parade route goes south on commerce street and over on pratt and not to howard stadium. and into the closures begin around 10:30 this morning. looking good at 70 and 29. 95 near white marsh looks good southbound, 65 miles per hour. this is 83 at york road with light volume. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the weather should be nice and quiet today. maybe some leftover snow flurries from the clipper last night. there shouldn't
in midland, alabama with a 65-year-old survivalist named jimmy lee dykes still who willing the five-year-old autistic child hostage in the underground bunker. on day five of this bizarre kidnapping jonathan serrie s on location. authorities just canceled the news conference they planned for right now. any idea why? >> authorities issued a written statement by e-mail saying that they simply did not have any new information to brief. so they canceled the in person briefing that they have been having every night often appearing before the cameras only to say that there is no information to rehe lease. instead, sending out the written statement to news organizations by e-mail, geraldo. >> geraldo: are they still in touch with dykes as far as you know? >> they are, indeed. that was one of the pieces of information that they did release in the written statement tonight say they are maintaining a line of communication 24 hours a day for any time the suspect wants to talk. that line of communication comes in the form of a pvc pipe that serves as an air vent from the surface down into that u
's captor, jimmy lee dykes, is dead now. but investigators will not say whether he was killed or took his own life. the ordeal came to an end after the fbi sneaked a hidden camera into the underground bunker. lucky little guy. >>> a new twist in the sensational murder trial of the arizona woman who confessed to killing her on and off again boyfriend. >> she took the stand saying she acted in self defense and portrayed herself as a lifelong victim of abuse. abc's brandi hitt has the latest details, good morning, brandy. >> reporter: good morning. jody arias returns to the stand this morning. she admitted to killing her boyfriend. now jurors are expected to hear arias' explanation what happened the night of the murder. >> did you kill travis alexander on june 4, 2008? >> yes, i did. >> reporter: in a surprise move, jody arias took the stand in her own defense and explained to the jury why she brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. >> he attacked me. and i defended myself. >> reporter: speaking quietly with her hair pulled to the side, the same woman prosecutors say stabbed ale
his condition. cbs also reports the alleged kidnapper jimmy lee dykes is dead. dykes snatched the little boy last tuesday after he stormed a school bus and killed the driver. he had been holding ethan in an underground bunker on his alabama property ever since. we're standing by for a news conference. we'll bring it to you when it happens. >>> a decorated former marine charged with shooting and killing a former navy seal sniper is now on suicide watch. >> eddie ray routh is in a texas jail held on $3 million bond and now police are trying to determine if he's suffering from trauma from the iraq war. >> reporter: texas guards tasered and confined eddie ray routh sunday night after he became violent inside the jail. he's charged with killing chad thefield and chris kyle at a shooting -- littlefield and chris kyle at a shooting range. the shooting happened saturday at a sprawling gun range outside fort worth. police say routh shot the men multiple times with a semiautomatic gun. he was arrested on a texas highway a short time later. routh's neighbors say they can't understand ho
to monitor the boy and his captor, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. >> mr. dykes was observed, was observed holding a gun. at this point, fbi agents fearing the child was in imminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> reporter: but dykes is now dead. a source tells abc news, authorities used explosives to get into the bunker. >> i can tell you over the past 24 hours, our communications with the subject deteriorated and we were certainly concerned for the safety of the child. >> reporter: the question remains -- why did dykes board a school bus last tuesday, kill the driver, kidnap ethan and bring him below ground. the police said nothing about the motive and said dykes made few demands. now the little boy who has mild autism and adhd will go home to celebrate his 6th birthday wednesday. investigators aren't saying how they were able to get into the bunker to bring ethan out unharmed. rob, diana. >> thank you, marcy. >>> a french director hoping to make a movie about the sandy hook elementary school tragedy will have to find another location. the director wanted to shoot the
. >> such a weird, scary story here. jimmy lee dykes is said to be making the child as comfortable as possible. allowing the police to send down cheez-its and a hot wheels car. for the youngster. we're told dykes has demanded a reporter be sent down to speak with him. meanwhile, funeral services were held yesterday for the bus driver he was accused of fatally shooting. >>> the latest now on the fatal shooting of former navy s.e.a.l. and author chris kyle and a friend on a shooting range. the suspect apparently suffered mental health issues and is now on suicide watch. here's ryan owens with more. >> reporter: former navy s.e.a.l. sniper chris kyle was such a good shot, he once hit a target a mile way. but tlis plis say a bullet fired at point-blank range is what killed the husband and father of two. the 48-year-old died at place he should have felt comfortable. this gun range south of dallas. defectives say he died at the hands of a young man he was trying to counsel. officers arrested this 25-year-old former marine, eddie ray ralph after a police chase on saturday night. they say he turned th
. >> reporter: the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead, after fbi agents stormed the bunker where the boy was being held. abc news learned authorities inserted a high-tech camera into the bunker and monitored dykes' movement. they neutralized dykes when they thought he would come out. >> the child was in imminent danger. entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> reporter: the terrifying standoff began on tuesday, when dykes boarded a school bus. >> he said, i'll kill y'all. >> reporter: dykes shot and killed the bus driver. and snatched ethan. the boy was kept in an underground bunker dykes built behind his house. police and s.w.a.t. teams carefully negotiated through a ventilation pipe. they flew drones over his house, looking for signs ethan was arrive. authorities handled the situation slowly in order to keep ethan safe. >> you have to be extremely careful. any sort of device you might use against him could obviously harm ethan because he's right there. >> reporter: interesting, the standoff extended beyond midland city, alabama. even president obama praised authorities for
lee dykes was shot by officers or if he took his own life. the boy only identified as ethan is said to be doing well after being rescued yesterday affect. the decision to raid the bunker was only made when negotiations deteriorated and they felt the boy's safety was arisk. >>> arlington county police are after four men who pulled off a dramatic smash and grab at a virginia mall. the suspects walked into the zale's jewelry store. they ran off 27 diamond rings. no one was hurt. the rings are worth about $128,000. >>> an incredible find in england. archalohave found the final resting place of king richard iii under a parking lot. we have a report. >> reporter: drivers in central england have apparently been parking their cars on top of a deceased king. scientists saying a 500-year- old skeleton they found underneath the parking lot belonged to richrd iii. he was killed in battle in 1485 at the age of 32. history books had him buried in the franciscan friary but this discovery is rewriting those books. scientists saying the skeleton's spinal curvature also matched accounts of the humpba
holding a 5 year old boy in an underground bunker. 65-year old jimmy lee dykes allegedly shot and killed a school bus driver, then took the kindergartner hostage. dykes is described as an anti- government loner. the f-b-i has been talking to him through a ventilation pipe. they've provided movies, food and medication for the boy, who has asperger's syndrome. he turns six year old on wednesday. the bus driver was laid to rest yesterday. the suspect in the murders of two men at a texas gun range confessed to the shootings to his sister. christopher kyle was killed saturday afternoon. he was once known as the deadliest sniper in the u-s and authored the book american sniper. police say eddie ray routh shot kyle and another man chad littlefield. routh was captured after a brief chase near his home in lancaster. routh's sister said he admitted shooting kyle and littlefield but didn't explain to her why he did it. he faces one count of capital murder and two counts of murder. however police said he may have been suffering from a form of ptsd.president obama is on the road today. taking his ca
the underground bunker where jimmy lee dykes had been holding a boy. dykes was killed in the firefight and the boy was rescued safely. a person is under arrest charged with shooting a member of the staff. he is listed in stable condition. it is not clear why he shot the victim. the new remains of king richard iii will be laid to rest at and a cathedral. he was killed in battle in 1485. dna matches the skeleton. we're seeing mounting momentum on the topic of immigration reform. there will be a hearing in the house of representatives. hallie jackson joins us live. who else will be talking immigration today? >> it is well beyond the borders of the city. >> now is the time. >> the president is doing the same at the white house today. d.c., members of congress are meeting, too. >> we need a serious fix. >> janet napolitano will visit el paso, texas. she stopped at the border in california. the hispanic population is growing quickly. it is predicted to outpace the white population. >> this is the first time the white population has not been the largest group in california. >> it will take weeks or month
: principles county sergeant stayed on top of the week long drama in alabama after jimmy lee dykes allegedly climbed aboard this school bus looking for hostages, shot and killed the bus driver who tried to stop him and grabbed the 5- year-old known as ethan, holding him in a 24 square foot underground bunker. how do you get a hostage out of a bunker? >> our emergency services team trains for this. the better prepared they are, the better they'll perform when called upon. >> reporter: in alabama,negoators talked for days communicating through a 4 inch ventilation pipe. >> we have mental health professionals and things that would be listening and say do you think this guy is capable of rational thoughts? do you think it's to a point he'll do harm to the hostage? >> that point came monday with the help of a secretly placed camera. >> negotiations deteriorated and mr. daix was observed -- dykes was observed holding a gun. at this point, fbi agents fearing the child was in eminent danger entered the bunker and rescued the child. >> reporter: throw in two flash bangs to distract him and entered th
the boy identified only as ethan, was being held by 56- year-old jimmy lee dykes after they had beened his safety was at risk. dykes was killed in the raid but it is unclear if police shot him or if he shot himself. >>> in virginia now, a brazen smash and grab at a local jewelry store all caught on tape. take a look at this. four masked men walked into zale's jewelry store at the pentagon city mall. the men smashed adisplea case and took off with 27 diamond rings worth more than $120,000. >>> dog lovers will be rallying in annapolis today. we are trying to change the maryland law that singles out pit bulls as an inherently dangerous breed. a state senate committee will hear a new bill today that would ease the court of appeals ruling last year that held pit bull owners and landlords to strict standards. it would let defendants have a chaps to court to try to prove the dog was not dangerous. >>> a push tomorrow prove the city's health care. phil mendelsohn will propose a bill that, for passed would mandate a nurse to patient ratio. yesterday, supporters packed the d.c. council chambers and
been going on for close to a week. jimmy lee dykes described as a survivalist, the bus driver who shielded other children from the gunman is being hailed as a hero. charles poland jr. was honored yesterday. victor blackwell is following all of the developments from midland city, alabama. ♪ >> hundreds of friends and relatives, strangers, listened to excerpts from letters writtenpy children. the children, 66-year-old bus driver charles poland dref to school every day. teachers arrived oniel low buses aborned with black bows to honor the friend they called chuck. >> he was a simple man, but i can tell you this, there this time, i haven't used a word to describe himself that he would very graciously decline, and that word is hero. >> reporter: he was driving his usual route on tuesday when jimmy lee dykes forced his way on to the bus with the gun and demanded to take two of the 22 children. poland refused. dykes shot and killed him and snatched a 5-year-old boy. local, state and federal authorities have been working around the clock to free the boy from a bunker. heater and electri
. >> reporter: police say his alleged killer, jimmy lee dykes, boarded a stopped school bus and demanded two kids. when poland refused, police say dykes shot him to death and took a boy named ethan with a mild form of autism hostage. >> i wish i could just hug him and hold him and tell him it's going to be all right. >> reporter: dykes has kept ethan in an underground bunker allowing him crackers, coloring books and medicine. as the standoff enters the second week, there's no telling how long it could last. psychologists say the toll on ethan could be significant. >> the over dd riding thought in his head is that he wants his mother, that he just wants to be out of that situation. >> reporter: the ordeal brings back eerie memories of another kidnapping in 1976. three men with guns abducted 26 children, ages 5 to 14 from a school bus in chalchilla, california, the kidnappers forced them underground. they spent 16 terrible hours there, clutching each other in tears. the kids and their bus driver, also hailed as a hero, managed to escape. but 37 years later for many, the scars remain. >> the lo
in a bunker by this man, jimmy lee dykes. the fbi has been negotiating with him. abc's gio benitez has been on this story from the beginning and joins us from midland city, alabama, with the latest. gio snshgs. >> reporter: amy, good morning. today the question, when will this little boy with autism be let go? police say he's not been physically harmed. this morning, drones like this are flying over the homemade underground bunker where police say this man, jimmy lee dykes, is holding a 5-year-old boy named ethan hostage. it has now been seven days since the 65-year-old stormed a school bus here in midland city, threatening the students on board before killing the driver and kidnapping ethan. >> he's like, i'll kill y'all. >> reporter: despite days of negotiations, police admit they have little to go on. few demands, no motive. no sense of when the standoff may end. >> it gives them more time to study the bunker. does he have any explosives? has he booby trapped the door? >> reporter: dykes is holding the boy in a remote part of southern alabama. they've been communicating with him through
in alabama where a 5-year-old boy is being held captain nif a bunker by this man, jimmy lee dykes. gio benitez has the latest. >> reporter: when will this little boy with autism be let go. police say he's not been physically harmed. this morning, drones like this are flying over the homemade underground bunker where police say this man, jimmy lee dykes, is holding a 5-year-old boy named ethan hostage. it's been seven days since he stormed a school bus here in midland city, threatening the students on board before killing the driver and kidnapping ethan. >> he's like, i'll kill y'all. >> reporter: police admit they have little to go on. few demands, no motive. no sense of when the standoff may end. >> it gives them more time to study the bunker. has he booby trapped the door? >> reporter: dykes is holding the boy in a remote part of southern alabama. they've been communicating with him through a ventilation pipe that leads to the bunker. they've used to it send the child comfort item, a red hot wheels car, potato chips, medicine. over the weekend, a press conference to thank the hostage
. it has been almost a week now since jimmy lee dykes shot and killed a bus driver and took a 5-year-old boy back to an underground bunker on his property. the fbi continues to have an open line of communication with dykes. the little boy requested crackers and a red-hot wheels car, both of which were delivered to the bunker along with medicine and other comfort items as well. >>> a first on capitol hill. in honor of black history month ark statue of a former slave who made a name for himself in the district is getting a new home. >> and what did you think of last night's super bowl half time show. just in case you missed, we are taking another look at beyonce's performance. you can never have too much beyonce. we'r're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all.
is closing in on a full week now. negotiators continue to work with accused captor jimmy lee dykes. the 65-year-old is locked up in an underground set ware five- year-old boy with special needs. dykes kidnapped the boy off his school bus last week after killing the bus driver. investigators have been able to give the boy food, toys and his medicine. the bus driver who was killed was laid to rest yesterday. >>> police in southern california say eight team died and 38 were hurt after a tour bus crashed last night t hit two other cars and flipped over while coming down the mountains east of l.a. the california highway patrol says the driver reported brake problems and rear ended a car and landed on a trailer that was being pulled about a pickup. the passengers were part of a tourist group from tijuana, mexico. >>> thirty people were hit in a bus over the weekend in boston. the bus hit an overpass. it was carrying mostly high school students and their chaperones who were on the way home from a visit to harvard. investigators say the driver may have missed signs saying the bus would not fit und
with his mother at an alabama hospital. the suspect, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is dead. officials said they made the decision to take the suspect when negotiations with dykes deteriorated. neighbors say dykes was an isolated loner who was often seen with a gun. >>> president obama is pushing congress to act on his gun control proposals. during a stop in minnesota, the president said congress seems to be coming to a consensus on new background checks for gun buyers and limiting high capacity gun clips. but he says he also wants them to pass an assault weap upons ban. -- weapons ban. this afternoon a bipartisan group of house members will introduce their own gun control legislation that would make firearms trafficking a federal offense but it does not address assault weapons. >>> three high school buys charged with child -- boys charged with child pornography are back in school at west springfield high school. police arrested the three sophomores on january 11 and they're accused of making sex videos with other school age girls and sharing those videos. we're told the videos show six gir
contact with jimmy lee dykes for a pbc pipe >> this is an animation about the bunker is believed to look like based on police and eyewitness accounts. if more than 100 hours of the ordeal began >> they have -- appeal to his sense of duty. he was a former navy personnel in vietnam. again whatever issues he has with the government he has to also know that the as of the world are on h im. he's not going to be hurt. >> voice family is keeping close with a local pastor >> it's amazing how well they are holding together in faith and believing this central to get to come home. >> the visual is being had -- held every evening and meanwhile a service was held for the bus driver >> it's a lot of pain and for the bus driver he is a hero but also gone >> that was fox craig boswell reporting funeral services for mr. paul will be held today. investigators say sulyhose a li he's holding hostage. dozens of community members and officials gathered in northeast remember jim parker jones. the transgender warmer and was stabbed to death 1 year ago today as she waited at the corner beast n-uppercase-letter
jimmy lee dykes and rescued young ethan who was taken to the hospital just as a precaution. >>> the horrible explosion in mexico's pmex oil company was caused by a gas buildup. most of deaths and serious injuries happened when the building collapsed. >>> it's an idea that's been floated around here for years but condition today got to it first. our neighbors to the north are now facing -- phasing out the penny coin. canadian pennies are being collected to melted down. purchases will be rounded up or down to the nearest five cents. >>> the good news is we're getting warmer. >> but howard has some rain messing up the forecast. messing up the forecast. we'll join this is dylan right , this is dylan, and this is his big brother hayden. dylan's only five, but he's already been through two surgeries for brain tumors. and he just went through his second round of chemo. and this is their mother, dawn, who runs this loving and happy home. she too struggled with tumors. but that doesn't slow her down. her love of family comes first. their dad, phil, works two jobs, repairing copiers,
-old child named ethan is still being held hostage in an underground bunker by this man, jimmy lee dykes, neighbors describe as a loaner with a deep distrust of government. >> we have been in constant communication. >> reporter: police are talking with him through a ventilation pipe choosing their words carefully. >> i want to thank him for taking care of our child. >> reporter: he is allowing ethan potato chips, toys and medicines and the bunker has an electric heater and blankets. the ordeal began tuesday when he grabbed ethan after boarding a school bus and shooting the driver. kate ott tick scene still weighing on this small town. he was driving by when he noticed children crying on the side of the road. he was so stunned, he crashed his car. >> i realized something serious had to have happened. >> there are new ribbons and prayers vigils here. joshua tucker is one of the organizers. >> i want our little warriors in that bunker with him to get out safe and sound. >> reporter: a little warrior now trapped underground for more than 110 hours. >> as the standoff drags on, several school
-old boy from his armed suspected captor, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. >> negotiators continue to communicate with the suspect. and there is no reason to believe that the child has been harmed. >> reporter: police say the two are in a 6 x 8 bunker four feet under ground. the suspect may have food and supplies to remain underground for weeks. dykes has been speaking with police through a pvc pipe from the bunker to the surface. one neighbor says he has been at the bunker. >> he has steps made out of cinder blocks, going down to it. at the time he had doors made out of plywood. two sheet of plywood nailed together. i asked him, i said, you know what are you using it for? he said, my storm shelter. where i used to live at the storms used to come through a lot. >> reporter: police say the boy has mild autism and the suspect allowed the child to have his medication. >> he is crying for his parents and his grandparents and he does not know what is going on. let this kid go. >> reporter: the shaken community is praying for the little boy's life. his pastor consoling many children that
sixth straight day. law enforcement officials say this man, jimmy lee dykes, shot and killed a school bus driver and is holding a 5-year-old boy named ethan in an underground bunker. little ethan has some mild autism as well. gabe gutierrez joins us from midland city, alabama. gabe, we know authorities have been talking to dykes through that pvc pipe of some sort. do we know whether he's asking for anything? >> reporter: craig, we've been following this story for days. police are very tightlipped about what their communication with dykes involves. we don't know if he's making any demeans, but yesterday we did hear from the sheriff and saw some signs of how sensitive these negotiations have become. the shefb thariff thavsnked the for taking care of our child. law enforcement authorities may believe that the suspect has access to television in the bunker. he has an electric heater, blankets and treating the child relatively well and the child so far was not physically harmed, but not many details on the nature of the negotiations. this has been going on for more than 118 hours, since tu
lee dykes is said to be making the child as comfortable as possible, allowing police to send down crackers, even a hot wheels car. we're told that dykes has demanded that a reporter be sent down to speak with him. meanwhile, funeral services were held yesterday for the school bus driver dykes is accused of shooting. you have to wonder the psyche of that little boy. seven days down there now. no end in sight. and according to some reports, that bunker is well stocked. this could drag on for weeks and weeks. >> the only thing that we worry about is the little boy and that he's being kept as comfortable as possible. that's all we can hope and pray for at this point. and the fact the police are asking us to pray is hard to take. >>> police in turkey are questioning at least 11 suspects in the death of a woman who vanished before she was to return home. 33-year-old sarai sierra suffered a fatal blow to the head. she was seen on surveillance video walking through a mall. detectives are still trying to figure out why her passport and her cell phone were left behind in her hotel room. >>>
of negotiations. the man holding him hostage, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes died during the rescue. it's not clear how dykes died. the fbi says it was able to camera inside the bunker to monitor the situation. though they won't say how, law enforcement sources say they decided to raid the bunker when they saw dykes holding a gun. the boy is reportedly doing fine this morning and that is the best news of all. >>> and our time right now, 11 minutes after 11:00, coming up, breaking news an olympic skier rushed to the hospital after an accident on the slopes. >>> plus why dog owners are rallying in annapolis this morning. >>> and we'll have more from the ravens championship parade, we're still waiting for it to get started in baltimore. the team will make its way from city hall to m & t bank >>> breaking news, olympic skier lindsay vonn suffered a serious accident while skiing in a competition in austria. had to be airlifted to the hospital. it's unknown now the extent of her injuries. the 28-year-old won gold in the 2010 vancouver olympics in downhill skiing. we will keep you posted on this story. >>
the whole thing. jimmy lee dykes was fatally shot multiple times. the fbi stormed his bunker when they became concerned that his mental state was declining. how they know, you ask? well, they were spying on him, using high tech military detection equipment including a camera. we are also learning more about dykes from the people who knew him. >> he always talked about the government, you know, and he used to keep notebooks of horse races. he always said that mafia run the horse races. >> he has been, for a long time, a source of concern. he killed one of my dogs. >> the victim in this, who is being wheeled away in that stretcher, 5-year-old ethan. he is recuperating at a hospital after a week in that bunker. and is said to be laughing and playing with his family, his 6th birthday is tomorrow. >>> and just in to us here at cnn, moments ago, president obama is planning a trip to israel, coming up this spring. this will be his first trip there since taking office. he will also be visiting the west bank and jordan during that trip. but, first, here, in a statement today, the president
. cancelled press conference. another one set for this morning. all eyes are on this man jimmie lee dykes. the sheriff's department tells us they are in constant communication with him. the little boy is being taken care of. meaning on this chilly morning there is heat inside of that underground bunker. is he getting coloring books and medication. as we know that bunker is stockpiled with god and other supplies. folks here really trying to stay strong. they are holding a prayer vigil every night right around 5:00 in the evening praying for that little boy. they hope he is brought home to his mother safely. listen here. >> my prayer is that there will be a miracle and that god will soften his heart. and he he will let [bleep] go and then he will spend the rest of his life locked up. >> meanwhile, the community is preparing to bearing one of their own. the funeral is set today at 2:00 p.m. in lieu of holding the funeral at a church. hold at a local civic center. hold up to a thousand dollars. the population is 2300 which shows you the outpouring number of support and the people they expect
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